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Our agency is unique in that it is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always be a licensed bail bond agent ready to assist you.



  • The defendant is charged with a crime by the arresting agency.
  • The District Attorney reviews the case and makes a decision whether or not to file charges.
  • If the District Attorney does not file charges, the case is dismissed.
  • If however, the District Attorney does file charges, there will be an arraignment where the defendant would plead either innocent or guilty.
  • If the defendant pleads guilty he/she would be sentenced and the case would be closed, if defendant pleads innocent then a court date would be set.
  • The court would then hear the case, reach a verdict, and the case would be closed.

our bail bond process in 3 steps

Our service is confidential and professional. We are always available for your questions. We strive to provide professional and personal services so that posting bail for your friend or loved one can be a fast, dignified and simple process.

Request A Bail

Bonds are negotiated over with agents will meet you wherever it is convenient for you. Collateral is not always necessary.

Meet An Agent

Read all bail agreements and fees carefully, ask questions when you need clarification.

Get Out Of Jail

Upon posting the bond at the jail, may use this precious time while out to work on their case.

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